Playtest is live! Play games before they hit the stores.

Dutch startup releases an app to connect game studios and players.

PITCH - Play games before they hit the stores. Join our fun little community and create better games, together with the studios. #games #playtest

EINDHOVEN - Creating games is hard. Making successful games is even harder. Playtest wants to connect game studios and players to start making games together. Distribute prototypes, gain insights and start the discussion, before a game hits the app stores.

Playtest is currently an iPhone and iPad app. Download the app to get an overview of all games and subscribe to the ones you like. Play games and provide feedback. Join the discussion with the game studio to help make better games.

Game studios log in to get an overview of all players, results and logs. They can distribute new prototypes of their game and notify players of these updates.

Industry information

The winner takes all.

The mobile games market is huge and growing fast. With a revenue of $17 billion in 2014, a year-on-year growth rate of 30% and around 1 billion players

That doesn't mean earning money from games is easy. On the contrary, it's really hard. For example: only 21% of all 300.000 games in the App Store are even ranked. Even less are profitable. Especially with a cost per install of around $1.50.

So, not only do game studios have to master their creative and development processes, they also have to know how to reach their users. The way people discover your game is a big challenge to tackle.

About Playtest

Playtest is here to change the way games are made. Create games together with your future fans. Distribute prototypes, gain insights and start the discussion.